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Use Business Intelligence Services to Gain Predictive Insight to Consumer Behavior and Win Key Segments

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  • Hidden and unarticulated buyer values can be extracted from existing data obtained from transactional “data exhaust”
  • Innovative promotions can be designed and implemented from such insights
  • New combinations of buyer value delivered to customers increases loyalty and wallet share
  • Automated processes provide the best opportunity to collect actionable data

Business Intelligence Services also enable identification of hidden buyer values and desires by illustrating key affinities between data sets generated by actual buyer behavior. An example of these infinities are illustrated by a certain retail chain that used the purchase of vitamins by women to successfully correlate and predict their pregnancy, and then to put items such as children’s diapers on sale for those who buy vitamins in certain buying patterns.

The data used to do such predictive analysis is obtained from approaches such as loyalty programs, purchaser discount cards and other means to provide value to consumers in return for their data. All the data obtained from these approaches is loaded into massive data warehouses that are foundations for use by sophisticated statistical algorithms and mathematical routines.

Effective Business Intelligence  requires sophisticated data storage platforms, ETL capabilities to transform the data into appropriate data structures, and sophisticated mathematical routines to draw causative and predictive insights into consumer behavior.

Most importantly, Business Intelligence requires the integration of business processes between consumer demand and demand fulfillment by the enterprise. The base capability for collecting data that will be used for Business Intelligence has been established when processes are integrated between consumers, the enterprise, vendors and suppliers. Business Intelligence Services is a foundational critical success factor to establish a meaningful and effective Business Intelligence program.

LeanVista has years of experience in defining and integrating business processes between consumers, the enterprise and the fulfillment ecosystem. Let LeanVista Business Intelligence Services assess your demand fulfillment processes to understand the gap between where you are and where you need to be to gain the profitable results of an effectively implemented Business Intelligence program.

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