Business Process Diagramming

Before you can start taking all the advantages of automated business processing, your processes must be designed to ensure they are the best they can be.

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  • Business processes, often referred to as workflow, are the means by which a business delivers value to its customers
  • Customers see the competency of their suppliers by the business processes they are exposed to
  • Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your business processes, (aka workflow), are the best that they can be
  • Designing your processes is a necessary predecessor step to automating them using process automation tools

If you plan to take advantage of the lowering costs of business process automation tools, you will need to understand what your processes should do before you automate them. Simply automating what you’re already doing may not be the best plan to improve your value proposition to your customers. Taking advantage of business process automation tools means improving your processes in a way to reflect your newfound automation capabilities.

Lena Vista provides Business Process Diagramming to help you take advantage of the new process automation environments. Our consultants have deep industry experience, particularly in the IT Service Management and Healthcare sectors. Our consultants are trained and steeped in experience using Lean for Service and Six Sigma philosophies. That experience guarantees faster speed to market, elimination of waste, and lower costs for your operations. It also ensures an improved customer experience that results in greater customer retention and profitability.

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