ITIL® Management Services

ITIL Management Services will help you implement best practices for IT service management, making your IT department more efficient and effective.

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Improve Service Quality and Reduce Costs through Best Practice IT Service Management

  • Service competency is a key strategic differentiator and basis of competition
  • There are proven best practices to improve service management
  • New process automation tools magnify speed and quality improvements while dramatically reducing cost and labor

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library® or, ITIL, is the only consistent and comprehensive documentation of best practices for  ITIL Management Services that has acheived global acceptance. Organizations around the world are adopting ITIL, and a whole philosophy has been developed based on a series of vital books that provide guidance for quality IT service provisioning and environmental facilities needed to support IT. ITIL has been developed in response to the recognition of organizations’ growing dependencies on IT, and it embodies best practices for IT service management.

ITIL was developed in the United Kingdom in the 1980s by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, an agency of the British Government and is now owned by the Cabinet Office. From the beginning, best practices have been collected from industry-leading organizations and individuals, refined and documented within the ITIL framework.

LeanVista is an Authorized Training Associate for ITIL Foundation principles. As such, LeanVista is authorized to provide  ITIL Management Services and certification. Let LeanVista take IT Service Management best practices into your organization.

Lean Into IT Service Management Best Practices

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