Program Management Services

When a strategic plan is implemented our Program Management Services eliminate gaps that can arise between the strategic plan and the definable efforts necessary in implementation.

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Program Management Services Ensure Efficient Execution of Business Strategy

  • A strategy that can not be reliably executed is meaningless
  • Accountability of results is a key to strategic execution
  • Program Management Services ensure strategies are decomposed into acheivable and accountable packages of work that meet budget requirements

Program Management Services functions contain the processes by which an enterprise manages and tracks the transition of strategic goals and initiatives into definable efforts of work that are aimed at implementing the strategic plan of the enterprise. The goal of Program Management Services is to provide traceability from the strategic plan to the efforts that implement the strategic plan. Program Management Services has the responsibility to ensure that there are no gaps between the strategic plan and the efforts needed to implement that plan from a financial perspective as well as from an organizational competency basis.

One of the prime responsibilities of Program Management Services is to ensure that there are no competing or duplicate efforts between the various projects that make up the programs that implement the strategic plan. Since these programs represent a significant investment on the behalf of the enterprise, it is imperative that return on investment of a program, as well as the entire portfolio, is tracked by usage of financial indicators such as earned value management and the benefits realization process.

LeanVista has years of experience in defining and managing Business and Information Technology portfolios and programs using industry best practices and tools such as Clarity, Microsoft Project and JobTraQ. Let LeanVista Program Management Services assess your portfolio and program structure to ensure traceability of strategic goals into tactical performance, superior return on investment, and timely performance of objectives.

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