Resource Capacity Management

Resource Capacity Management gives you clear visibility into your organization’s ability to do more and improve service delivery with your existing staff.

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How Resource Capacity Management Helps Your Company

  • Organizations are struggling to do more with less
  • Increased visibility into operations leads to improved ability to scale organizational bandwidth
  • The more flexible your organization is, the better you can lead the market and respond to opportunities

Resource Capacity Management provides an understanding of the bandwidth of human resource capacity in the organization and develops a clear insight into how the existing resources of the enterprise are being utilized. An organization that does not have these insights will not be able to effectively respond to changing market conditions. Resource Capacity Management is not just about knowing the number of people that are in the organization. It’s also understanding about what the skills of the different people are in an organization and what is the “bench depth” is in each discipline.

Executives are always challenged to make delivery commitments with an incomplete understanding of the depth and nature of their teams. Not only do most executives not understand the true talent composition of their teams, but they also don’t really understand the nature of the work that is in flight, in the pipeline that they are currently obligated to complete, as well as other projects that are lurking just over the horizon. Without this knowledge, executives are prevented from making good decisions in a timely manner (if at all).

How does one get ahead of the curve on this critical problem? The direct answer lies in having clear visibility into the nature of what each person in your organization is working on and how long each task they are assigned to takes to complete. This visibility is achieved through the combination of strong project management and enabling tools to track the work that your team is engaged with. Regardless of whether your operation is operating as a custom job shop model, an organization that performs repetitive projects, or a combination of both, there are proven ways to gain this insight.

LeanVista has years of experience in developing project and program plans that utilize work breakdown structures and critical path management techniques. Resource Capacity Management provides reliable insight by characterizing the nature of the current commitments of the organization and illustrating what it can achieve going forward under a variety of assumptions and constraints. Let LeanVista assess your current situation to show the gaps between where you are and what you can achieve.

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